Monday, December 23, 2013

Feliz Navidad!

Merry Christmas everyone! 
I hope everything is going fantastic, and that this Christmas is great for all of you! 
This week has been such a whirl! I´m in Mexico, and in reality it´s probably warm all of the time, but it´s cold! haha we wear jackets most of the time and yeah. it´s great. but it has been very warm today and it is great! I love it!
This week has been amazing too! Teaching is a special experience. The spirit is strong, and I just have an incredible love for everyone I talk to. This week one of the people we are teaching accepted a date to be baptized! He is 15 and while we were teaching him, he was so interested in what was being said, and it was awesome! I love it. He is such a sweet boy, and I am so excited for him!
One day we were going around trying to find people at home, but no one was home! We went to quite a few houses, and no luck. I prayed to be led to someone to teach, and my prayer was answered! We were knocking at a door, but they weren´t home. My comp turns to me and said, ¨we´re going to contact that family¨ there were kids playing outside, and we went over and talked to them and ended up teaching the first lesson to the mom and dad, and they are amazing! I have a lot of hope for them. We are going back to teach them again later this week. 
The people here are incredible. I love them all so much. It is an incredible feeling. The food is great too! Yesterday though we had dinner with a member in San Carlos, and we had a mixture of thanksgiving and christmas meals. they were american, and I was SO happy. Me and another hermana that is american were like little kids in a candy store. It was delicious, and I ate SO much haha it was great. But yeah, it is amazing here and I am excited to work more! I love it.
I hope you all have an incredible Christmas! Remeber what the true meaning of Christmas is! Jesus Christ has done so much for us. He is our older brother, and I am so grateful for him. 
Feliz Navidad!
Hermana Adamson

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Hola Mexico! December 17, 2013

Well! I´m finally here! I am in Mexico! It was so crazy getting on that plane in Pheonix knowing that I wouldn´t step foot on American soil again for 16 and a half months. It was crazy how excited I was. My trainor is Hermana Nuñez. She is from the Dominican Republic, and is a native spanish speaker, and doesn´t know much english haha. It will be a rough few weeks, but I am so excited to learn and hopefully the language will come fast! I hopped on a bus with her and headed out to Guaymas which is my first area. It is so warm here. I definitely don´t miss the cold... Nope not at all haha. 
I am SO excited to finally be here and to start teaching people! Granted I will probably not teach much yet seeing as how I don´t speak spanish very well, but I´m still excited. Also, I´m pretty sure I am the only blonde person in guaymas haha. Oh! Cool thing! I am part of the first group of North American sisters to serve here in at least 20 years! How crazy is that? I´m a guinnea pig I guess haha. I am so excited, and that is a pretty cool thing to be able to say. 
My p days are now on mondays just as an fyi. 
I love you all and hope everything is going well! I hope you´re getting excited for Christmas! Remember to really remember the true meaning of Christmas and the best Christmas present that any of us have ever been given: Jesus Christ. He is amazing, and I love him. 
Hermana Sarah Adamson

Monday, December 16, 2013

Hermana Adamson Has Left the MTC!

Her new address is:

Sister Sarah Jane Adamson 
Mexico Hermosillo Mission 
Avenida Garcia Conde #301
Col. Pitic
83150 Hermosillo, Sonora

Almost out of the MTC! (December 13, 2013)

So... Sorry about the lack of email last week! I was in Las Vegas getting my Visa! It was kinda really nice getting out into the real world for a minute! Haha but it was definitely a long day! We had to leave the MTC at 4:30 in the morning and got back that night at like 10:30.... It was long and tiring, but it was way fun! While we were in the airport in Vegas waiting for the plane, we were walking down one of the moving sidewalk things, and I look up and see this man walking towards us. I recognized him but thought "no.... there's no way that's him" then we got closer and one of the other hermanas just points and gasps. So yeah, it was him. Mitt Romney. Yep, I saw a possible future president of the united states. I was like three feet away from him. It was pretty cool haha. AND! Even better! We went to Ruby's diner in the airport and the lady at the cash register asked me if I was there for a conference or something, and so I told her that we were missionaries for the LDS church and that we were there getting our visas. So she started asking us if we believed in Jesus and in the Second coming, and we got super excited! We were like YES! THEN she asked if we had any books or cards or anything, so I pull out a Book of Mormon that I had with me, and gave it to her! Then she just went on and on about how much she loves Jesus and how excited she is for him to come again! It was the coolest thing! It got me SOOO excited! So yeah, it was a good day! 
This week has been more of the same haha nothing super exciting referring to classes or anything, BUT we did get to hear from another apostle! On Tuesday night, we had another devotional that was broadcasted to all of the MTCs, and Elder Quentin L Cook came and spoke to us! It was awesome! He was the THIRD apostle that has come to talk to us! And two more are coming for Christmas, but I won't be here. Apparently they haven't had this many General Authorities in such short of a time. Pretty exciting. And Elder Ballard was supposed to come last week, but the snow storm made it so he couldn't come. It has been an incredible experience. 
So last Sunday, Niell Marriott spoke for relief society! As soon as I saw her picture pop up, I got so excited and wished I was on main campus so I could talk to her and President! Before she even started speaking I was a mess. I love her and President Marriott so much! They are the best! They are such spiritual giants, and I love listening to them speak! She mentioned something about sacrament meetings when her sons would pass the sacrament and I just imagined sitting in the chapel with all of the amazing young men in our ward passing the sacrament. I have the best home ward in the world! 
I love you all and again hope everything is going well! I fly out to Mexico on Monday! It's crazy!! I am so excited to get out there and to really teach and serve people! 
Hermana Adamson