Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Hola Mexico! December 17, 2013

Well! I´m finally here! I am in Mexico! It was so crazy getting on that plane in Pheonix knowing that I wouldn´t step foot on American soil again for 16 and a half months. It was crazy how excited I was. My trainor is Hermana Nuñez. She is from the Dominican Republic, and is a native spanish speaker, and doesn´t know much english haha. It will be a rough few weeks, but I am so excited to learn and hopefully the language will come fast! I hopped on a bus with her and headed out to Guaymas which is my first area. It is so warm here. I definitely don´t miss the cold... Nope not at all haha. 
I am SO excited to finally be here and to start teaching people! Granted I will probably not teach much yet seeing as how I don´t speak spanish very well, but I´m still excited. Also, I´m pretty sure I am the only blonde person in guaymas haha. Oh! Cool thing! I am part of the first group of North American sisters to serve here in at least 20 years! How crazy is that? I´m a guinnea pig I guess haha. I am so excited, and that is a pretty cool thing to be able to say. 
My p days are now on mondays just as an fyi. 
I love you all and hope everything is going well! I hope you´re getting excited for Christmas! Remember to really remember the true meaning of Christmas and the best Christmas present that any of us have ever been given: Jesus Christ. He is amazing, and I love him. 
Hermana Sarah Adamson

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