Friday, November 15, 2013

Week 2; November 15, 2013

Hello everyone! 
This week has been SO good! And thank you so much for the emails and letters! It really does mean so much when I get a letter or email from someone! 
Last Saturday and Sunday I definitely struggled a lot. I was more homesick than I have ever been, but then on Sunday night I went to a devotional on main campus and saw Elders JD Hansen, Ryan Larson, Ben Wood, and Logan Mathie, and just seeing them and talking to them for a few minutes gave me more comfort than I ever thought possible. I decided right then and there that I could do this, and with help from the Lord, I KNOW I can. There will be a lot of hard times, but there will be even more good, and so many moments of pure happiness that the hard times won´t even matter in the end, and they will make me stronger. 
So on Saturday, we started teaching our first ¨investigator¨ His name is Pablo, and teaching him was a struggle for us missionaries. It was all in Spanish, and none of us can really understand it. But we learned that if we went into the lessons with a prayer in our hearts and with the spirit, that he would understand what we were trying to teach him, and he did. Even though we know he wasn't a real investigator, it was SOOO exciting when he accepted to read the book of Mormon and to pray about it, and when he actually did those things, I cannot even begin to explain the excitement and joy that I felt for him. 
Being thrown into a language is hard. It's hard to know what our teachers are saying sometimes, and so frustrating when we can't say what we want to. I have said more prayers this week to understand what I'm being taught and to be able to feel the spirit than I can count. And it works. Prayer is so real and I am so unbelievably grateful for it in my life. 
I have felt the Lord's love and guidance so much this week. Living in a place where EVERYONE is set apart from the world to serve the Lord is a unique experience and I love it so much. The spirit is everywhere. 
On Tuesday night, we got to go up to another devotional on main campus, and the speaker was L Tom Perry!!! It was so amazing! He talked about the importance of companionships and it was a very cool experience to be so close to an apostle of the Lord. It amazes me every time how strong the spirit is when you are in the same room as a general authority. It is incredible. 
Well, I love you all and hope you are all doing well! 
Hermana Adamson

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  1. I love this…and no doubt, Jackson posted the countdown to your homecoming!!