Friday, November 29, 2013

Week 4; November 29, 2013

Happy thanksgiving everyone! I hope you had a an amazing day full of good food and good times! 
Thanksgiving for me was very different, and very special. It was an amazing day. I have been able to start singing with the choir, and it has been so fun. Yesterday, we had a rehearsal before our morning special devotional, and it was great. We always sing prelude music as a congregation before we start our meetings, and this week we got to sing come thou fount of every blessing, and it was amazing. We have actually sung it a lot lately and It makes me so happy! I love that song so much. Any who, while we were singing because I have been given much, the MTC presidency walked in followed by....... Russell M Nelson! So, as he walked in, we all stood up, we continued to sing and the spirit that was there was unbelievable. We didn't sit down until the song was over which was another I think two verses. I stood there singing and thinking of how grateful I am to be a missionary, to be here in the MTC, for my Savior, and for everything that I have been given in my life especially this gospel, my family, and my friends. I truly am so blessed and I am excited for the opportunity to share some of those blessings with the people in Mexico. As I stood there, the Spirit was so strong and I just started to cry. It was a special moment. 
After the devotional we ate our thanksgiving meal for lunch and it actually wasn't half bad. Then we just hung out with our zone, wrote some letters, and walked around the temple. It was such a beautiful day, and it was so nice to be able to spend some time in the sunshine! 
We also did a service project which was really awesome. We put together dry meals for hungry children in Utah, and I believe we ended up putting together a total of 365,000 meals! What an opportunity. It was amazing. We also had a really cool and fun thanksgiving day program and watched a movie! Haha a church movie, but it was still really good. It was called Ephraim's rescue, and was definitely a life changer. It's about the Martin handcart company, and it for sure left an impact on me. Every time I start to complain about the cold (like this morning) I feel like an awful person. They went through so much and had nothing, and I have so much and in all reality have a pretty easy life. I honor those pioneers and everything they did. 
I am so grateful for all of you! I love you all so much!  I am so grateful to be a part of this gospel. It truly is God's church. He leads it. I know that President Monson has been called of God and that Joseph Smith was called of God to restore the gospel to the Earth. I love this Gospel and I can't imagine what my life would be like without it, and I really don't even want to know. I love my Savior, and I am so grateful to be able to serve Him by serving a mission.
Hermana Adamson

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