Friday, November 22, 2013

Week 3; November 22, 2013

This week has gone by so unbelievably fast! I seriously feel like I was writing you all an email yesterday! It's strange, the days go fairly slow, but the weeks have started to speed by! 
Not a ton has happened this week, we started teaching new investigators which has been an incredible experience, and the language is coming so much better than it was last week! 
I have had a few powerful experiences in class that have boosted my testimony so much. One was where our teacher was acting as the missionary and had me act as the investigator. In that lesson we had "been taught" the restoration and about joseph smith, then at the end he had me pray about it. It was such a testament to me. Even though I was pretending to be someone else, I prayed that I could know these things were true. I already knew, but I had an overwhelming experience with the spirit that just testified to me again that this really is the true church, that the book of mormon is true, and that Joseph Smith truly was a prophet. 
I am learning and growing every day, both spiritually, and in reality probably horizontally as well but hey. It's all good. haha. I have learned so much about patience this week and I know I will continue to learn how to be patient throughout my entire mission. I love you all and hope you are all doing well! 
Here are a few pictures of my amazing district! We have so much fun! I love these girls so much, we have grown so close and we all get along way too well haha
Hermana Adamson

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