Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Dos semanas en guaymas!

I can´t believe I´ve been here for two weeks! IT´s crazy. Time is a strange thing that´s for sure! Christmas here was great! They celebrate more on Christmas eve than on christmas, and they have good food, piñatas, all the good stuff! It was awesome. This week has been crazy with teaching because  everyone is busy or not home because it´s the holidays. But it has been good. It is crazy to me how much my testimony can be strengthened in twenty minutes. We will be teaching a lesson, and the spirit will overwhelm me and I just know without a doubt that what we are teaching is true. It´s amazing. 
So I knew that the whettens were coming down this week, so every white suburban I see I would freak out and yeah... but, I did see them! I saw them at church, and man, the tender mercies of the Lord. We didn´t have anyone to eat with yesterday, and Madeline was telling me that her grandpa wanted to invite the missionaries over sometime, so we went last night! IT was awesome. It´s so hard to get a sense of what is going on at home because there´s not much time to email, so it was good to actually talk about things and hear how everyone is doing.
I love it here so much. the people are amazing. So kind and loving, and so willing to share what they have. Oh! One story. So on christmas, we were caroling with another companionship, and we went to a family´s house in their area. The family lived in a little one room place that I´m pretty sure was a shed at some point in time. They had so little, and my heart just melted for them, and I wanted to just give them everything I have. I am so blessed in my life, I have so much when these people have nothing. It is definitely a humbling experience. 
I hope all of you had a great christmas and have a great new years! 
Hermana Adamson

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