Thursday, January 30, 2014


Sooo remember that investigator I told you about a few weeks ago that we had the lesson with about the spirit and we talked about her dad and what not? Ok, so she has been afraid to pray. She always said no when we asked her to pray, and that she would pray next time..... but never did. So we had a lesson with her and her family, and we asked her husband who he would like to have offer the prayer, and out of no where, She said ¨i´m going to offer the prayer! I have a lot to give thanks to Heavenly Father today¨. WHAT!? My companion and I just about died. She proceeded to give such and incredible prayer. It was so heart felt and beautiful. I shed a few tears for sure. It was incredible. 
Ok so the weather here is crazy. It will be cold one day, super hot the next, really cold in the morning and cloudy and look like it´s going to rain, then scorching in the afternoon. hahaha it´s loco. 
I love it here so so much. I have felt a happiness here that I could never have imagined. It is the happiest moment when an investigator is progressing. I have felt the strongest love for the people i teach, and I just want SO badly for them to understand and feel and experience the joy, and blessings that are in this gospel. 
So today for p-day, it was one of the elder´s birthday, so we made carne asada at the church. It was great, we had a bunch of missionaries outside of the church grilling meat, we made some really good salsa and guacamole, and the tortillas here are to die for. haha i can already tell that i´m going to go into tortilla withdrawlls back in the states hahaha. 
Yesterday the sister training leaders in my zone talked to us about companionships and how it isn´t with two people, it´s with three. the two of us, and the spirit. This is true for every relationship. we talked about more, and i just really loved this. If we work together with the guidance of the spirit, our relationships will always be good and strong, and successfull. I love it.
I know this is true, and I know this is the Lord´s work. I am SO grateful to be a part of it.
I love you all! 
Hermana Adamson

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