Monday, January 13, 2014

Semana 5 en Guaymas!

I hope all of you are doing well! I also hope you know how much I love all of you and how grateful I am for you as well! 
Today starts week five in Guaymas! This last week has been so good.  I just want to share a few little stories with you.
First, we were teaching one of our investigators this week. She is incredible. We were talking about how to receive an answer to her prayers, and what she will feel through the Holy Ghost: a warm feeling, happy, peaceful, and that it is different for each person. Somehow we ended up on the subject of her father. He passed away about a year ago, and this led to us talking about temple work and eternal families. We told her that she will see her dad again, and that the work can be done for him (baptism etc) so he can receive the blessings of the gospel too. When she understood this, she just began to cry, and I knew that she knew in that moment that she WILL see her father again. The spirit was tangible in that room. It was incredible. I feel like the only challenge is getting her to church... Hopefully she will come this week!
Also, we had stake conference yesterday. It was super confusing because there was a screen down, and a count down timer on it, turns out we were going to view a broadcast that would be broadcasted to all of the stakes in mexico. Craig C Christensen spoke, and it was really good. The next speaker was none other than Neill Marriott. Holy cow, she just saves my life all of the time without even knowing it. I love her so much. She started out speaking spanish and I was really confused because I know she doesn´t speak spanish, then she said she wished she could continue speaking in spanish but that that was all she knew haha. So she spoke in english, but it was translated into spanish so i couldn´t hear her voice, but it was so great to see and hear her testimony again. We also heard from D Todd Christofferson and Robert D Hales. It was a very good conference. I actually understood a very good amount of it! IT was good.
So funny little experience! Hermana Ray, one of the hermanas in my district wanted to get her haircut but was nervous because she speaks about as much spanish as I do and wouldn´t be able to explain what she wanted, so I jokingly said that I would cut it for her, and she stopped, looked at me, and said OK! hahahaha soooo this morning I definitely cut her hair and it actually turned out really well! Haha I was pleasantly surprized and so was she! haha i still can´t believe she let me cut her hair hahah. afterwards, we all went as most of our zone and bought little ceasars. super awesome. haha
I am just loving it here! It is SO hard. I´m not going to lie. But I have learned SO much and am learning every day how to trust in my Savior and the spirit more. I have also started to realize that we aren´t walking alone in this work. The Lord is always with us and has carried me few these last few weeks. I love my Savior so much. I know He lives and that He loves each and every one of you. 
I love you all too!
Hermana Adamson

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