Monday, March 2, 2015

First Baptism

This week was incredible! And super crazy. 
On saturday, Manuel got baptized! it was such an incredible experience! Saturday was one of the longest and most rewarding days of my life. We were supposed to have a meeting with the ward mission leader, but he couldnt come. So we were in the church and we were going to start filling the font for the baptism, but we had to empty it first, and we couldnt figure out how. turns out we were doing the right thing, but it was super clogged. SO! we emptied it with buckets! haha that was an adventure! then maintinance came and fixed it, and we filled it up again! 
Manuel is such a specila man. He has such a strong testimony, and I have loved watching the process of his conversion. WHen the missionaries first started visiting him, he always dreaded it and thought to himself ¨when are they going to leave??¨ now, he tells us that he gets anxious when we dont come. His change has been incredible, and i love seeing the light of the gospel in his life. Watching his baptism was such a special experience, and I am never going to forget it. 
On sunday, after church, I had too say ¨see you later¨ to him because we got transferred.... It was really hard, but I know everything will be ok, and that he will be strong in the church, and that is the most important thing, that he stays close to his Heavenly Father. 

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