Monday, March 2, 2015

Gringa en Guyamas

Hello everyone! 
This week has been good, but not too exciting, so I dont have a ton to share! 
My companion and I had a very strong experience and learned more than ever the importance of having the spirit with us and being happy. We as missionaries are representatives of Jesus Christ, we are sharing this incredible message with people who haven´t had the opportunitly to hear it before. This is a message of joy, of happiness. That is what our Heavenly Father wants for us, to be happy. It doesn´t matter what struggles we have or what trials we are going through, if we aren´t happy sharing this message, people aren´t going to want to be a part of it. Even if we are struggling, there is always some reason for us to be happy. We just have to find it. 
So yesterday was fast sunday, and probably the most spiritual experience that i have had in sacrament meeting. Our investigator (Alvaro) came, and while people were sharing their testimonies, he said he wanted to go up, but didn´t know what he would say.WHAT! This was his first time in church, and It was a strong testimony to me of how the spirit works in people. The whole meeting I felt the spirit so strongly, and was just SO happy. It was a really cool experience.  
I love being on the mission! It is such an incredible experience, and I probably say this every week, but I learn so much every day, and this week more than most others. I have started to REALLY see the little miracles every day that Heavenly Father gives us. It is incredible. He really does love us and knows exactly what we need. 
I love you all!!
Hermana Adamson

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