Monday, March 2, 2015


Sooo! This week has been AWESOME! I think i`m the most tired that i`ve been in my whole mission, but i`m ok with it because it  is so worth it. This week we went to a training meeting for all of the zone leaders and sister training leaders with president, and the assistants. It was awesome. It is pretty cool being able to see how the mission works, and hear and be able to learn things from missionaries in all parts of the mission. 
On wednesday night late, our zone leaders called us and asked if we could give part of the training the next day in zone conference... ahhhh! ahaha i was a bit nervous, but i think it went well. I talked about the importance of being obedient, about the blessings that come from it. I used an example from the book of mormon that i really loved. It`s when the 2000 strippling warriors go to battle, with no experience, just trusting in  thier leaders and in the Lord. And because they did exactly what they were told, because they trusted completely in them, they were  blessed. Not a single one of those young men died in battle. How awesome? 
After the zone conference, we went on exchanges with some of the sisters in our zone, i went with one to her area, and my companion went back to our area with the other, then the next day, we switched with another companionship and did the same thing except for I was in my area with one of the sisters. haha with her i felt right at home! She`s from the dominican republic just like my first two companions, and it was awesome:) I learned SO much from those two sisters. It is such a cool experience being able to work with and learnd from them. I think I am going to learn a lot more from this assignment than the other sisters from me. I am so grateful for this opportunity. 
Today is mexico`s independence day and to celebrate, we had a zone activity, we ate some yummy food, and played soccer!  it was awesome. I will send pictures next week, I forgot my cable at the house.... 
I love you all so much!! have a great week!
Hermana Adamson

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