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Feb. 27, 2014

Como estan todos?? 
This week has gone really well! We have met a few new people to teach, and we are really excited about it! 
So we started teaching an 18 year old girl this week, and she is awesome. I had a really cool experience teaching her. So pretty much everyone here is catholic, so most have at least a basic understanding of ancient prophets, the atonement, and such, but this young girl didnt. Her mom told us that she is catholic because her parents were, but that they have never really gone to church. So, we were teaching the 18 year old, Paula, and we would ask her if she knows what a word means and such, and when I asked her if she knew about the atonement, she said no. SO I was a little nervous, because the atonement is something So important and so special, that I didnt want to explain it in a way she didnt understand, and such, but I started to explain it, and tell her how Christ paid the price for each of our sins, and how because of his atoning sacrifice and death, we have the opportunity to return to our Heavenly Father. It was a special experience. I really love teaching the basic and important things of this gospel, especially to people who have never learned about it before. It is such a blessing that I have as a missionary to teach about Christ, and about his love for each of us. 
One of the lines of the theme for our mission says "Love is the motive" and we talked about that more in a zone meeting today. Some of the missionaries shared their motive for serving a mission, and ultimately, everyones motive is love. Love for the Savior, love for our Heavenly Father, and their love for us. It is SO important to have love, especially as a missionary, for everyone around you. I have noticed that as I grow to love the people i teach, I understand them and their needs better, and can teach them better. 
On that note, I love you all so much and I hope everything is going well for you wherever you might be!
Hermana Adamson

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